Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

What inspires me...

I’m going to start by telling you that being a deep thinker is never a bad thing. It seems to me that to think before you move has its own gentle advantages: maybe in that moment, perhaps that split second that you wait before you act, you see things as they really are and not just as people tell you they are. I cannot say what inspires me in general because being sensitive has helped me to take in and think about many things. What I have found so far (in all my thinking) is that to yearn after what is pure and true inspires me to do what is pure and true. This yearning always shows in some way, even in simple things such as a few words in a journal that may go into a song or a picture much later on.

I like to imagine that God has put unique desires in each of us:
Every individual with the heart to know and love a part of Him that
no-one else quite knows in the same way. It’s something we all have to
remember: There is a special walk planned for each of us, each deep and without bounds, and none ever the same. He is huge and beautiful and strong to me and the things He shows me take my breath away. All things that I do (or hopefully all) come out of these things: His words and His breath and His insights that make people more than people, sunsets more than sunsets and music more than music. He makes love something more than just a choice or earthly words and actions or hummingbirds flitting about in my chest.

No. You see, being inspired to do something is not the root of you. The things that eventually inspire us always begin in a deeper place. We should never be aiming to inspire people to do the same things we do! Inspire them to do what brings them closer to God and to help them see the things He does to take their own breath away. What else will sustain them, besides showing them how He loves them in their own, unique way? He is behind it all and what is so incredible is that He too is moved by us - by our cries and our
tenderness and our worship!

For me, worshiping Him is simply responding to Him when He draws close, pursuing Him and waiting for Him. What else can I do? There is nothing else. He will either open my eyes to things, and they will come out of me in some way, or He will close my eyes to things and let other people see. In turn, I will be inspired to seek Him and His purposes for my own.

by Stacey Prozesky

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Why is it that whenever I look for answers

I find what I was not looking for
I found you when I was not looking
And found what I was longing for
It’s you who knows me best
You taught me of love and life
It’s just that this world confuses me
And you uncomplicate me
I have so many questions
Is it ok if we meet at midnight?

These streets are black with disappointment
Hate burns bright in the corners of these eyes
Blame broadcasts itself from the lips of this mouth
When I am the only one to blame
And this heart can be called loneliness when you are not around
Who knows the corridors of this place better than you?
Who am I to you? That you have picked me up
And set my feet on this path
Why do you wanna know me?
Death stared you in the face and all you could think about was my life
It’s your reflection of life that has showed me what it means to die
If only I would die and trust that you would make me live again
Why am I running after you?
When I just need to stop running to find you

It’s midnight
And I have walked all this way
You’re not here
It’s just not like you to disappoint
Did you have some other appointment?
As long as I’m gone you’ll stay
Waiting as I approached home
Your outlined silhouette illuminated by the light of lanterns
I can’t help but think
Was it I that kept you waiting?

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Monday, May 4, 2009

plus.three online

Jip, plus.three is going online for a while. Check us out on issuu.
Also, keep your eyes peeled for the latest issue coming out soon.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

the launch!!

The first issue of plus.three was launched with a bang on Sunday, 14 December 2008 at Table View Assembly of God to an eager crowd of readers.

All reactions to the magazine were enthusiastic and positive, with compliments being made on the striking cover, artwork and design elements, as well as the contents, which include articles, reviews and interviews to mention only a few.

This issue has a decidedly upbeat tone, combining humour and sincerity to leave one feeling revitalized ... you almost want to pick it up and start reading from the beginning again!

The open and earnest manner of the writers creates a feeling of friendly intimacy, which makes plus.three accessible to any young adult of any faith. Kirsten Rowett's testimony and a tribute to the late Rashid Banda also add to the personal feel of the magazine.

The plus.three team would like to extend a warm thanks to everyone who has contributed to the success of this first issue, as well as those who have encouraged and supported the magazine. We hope you are looking forward to the future issues as much as we are!

Daryl Brown

And if you don;t have plans for tonight...check out the NeighbourGoods Xmas Nightmarket at the Old Biscuit Mill.